Jakarta - Indonesia

Ican Agoesdjam is a Visual Jockey based in Jakarta. His career starts in 2006 and in 2013 Ican and his friend, Tommy, established RPTV. They already released 12 video loop packs under Resolume (VJ Software & Visual Content Distributor based in Netherlands) since 5 years ago.

In the EDM industry their list of gigs are line up, such as : Embassy Playground 2008-2010, Trancemotion 2009,Java Soulnation 2010, Jakarta DJ Festival 2012, David Guetta Live in Jakarta 2012, SHVR Ground Festival 2018, Djakarta Warehouse Project 2011-2018, etc.

Beside for the EDM industry, he also like to do VJing for corporate events under the name Visual Corporation.

As one of their concrete step in the industry, likely they collaborate with few Indonesian musicians (Soul ID, JFlow, Imela Kei, Mikes, Disciples, Glenn Fredly, Alexa Band) for they concerts. Recently they collaboration with Midnight Quickie , Jevin Julian and Weird Genius.

Ican also work as director music video for Sara Wijayanto feat. Mikes, Dochi Sadega feat. NSG, Halfway Home, and SoulBridge.

As motion designer he contributed for Citra scholastika music video. And he produced some lyrics video for Alexa band, Midnight Quickie, Jflow, Weird Genius X Midnight Quikie.
site : https://www.rptv.co/