Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Lepaskendali is Motion Graphic Design Studio based in Jogjakarta - Indonesia. Start in 2006. Lepaskendali consists of two youths dangerous, they are Hanes and Gilang. we actively involved in animation and motion graphic production. Many projects have been done either Comercial Motion Graphic, Visual Jockey, Music Video or Video Projection Mapping

Hery Siswanto a.k.a Bazzier
Bazzier graphik is a Design and Illustration Studio based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is an artist name of Hery Siswanto a mastermind behind the studio. Featuring a highly skill hand drawing on a digital touch making the studio different than the other.
Established in 2009, bazzier graphik has worked for many projects and clients from all over the world. They are come from the music industry, creative, printing, clothing company, beverage and food companies, skateboard ,snowboard and others. Producing the logo design, t-shirt design, poster design, skateboard/snowboard graphik, Album/EP design, Character design, Mascot etc.

Sasi Kirono - Tashoora
Sasi Kirono is a musician and the singer and guitarist of the musical group Tashoora from Yogyakarta. He’s currently active as a music director and Composser in various music projects
site : http://lepaskendalilabs.com/