Mantra (Spell) means hope that is usually chanted, visualized, or even sung while Lumina is a unit of measurement for light; together the words becomes MANTRALUMINA. A term that triggers and opens our senses to something spiritual. In the context of this Projection Mapping and Interactive Light Art Festival, MANTRALUMINA represents the theme of the light arts with which explores the wish and good deeds from the recitation of the microcosmos (small universe) and the macrocosmos (great universe), and then presenting them through various experiments on optical illusion and interactive light art at various buildings places and locations in Yogyakarta.
The theme MANTRALUMINA for SUMONAR 2020 will be a phenomenon and a notable exhibition in the history of new media art development in Indonesia and South East Asia, particularly for its enticement presenting renowned artists/participants nationally and internationally who are actively creating in the field of arts, media, and technology.
The places where the event and exhibition of MANTRALUMINA take place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, will inspire artists to respond across civilizations, the influence of cultures, media and technology.
MANTRALUMINA, a projection mapping and interactive light art festival will showcase various games, explorations, and experimental artworks utilizing a light projection tool in the form of a projector resulting in various optical illusions on the flat surface of a 2-dimensional object or even a 3-dimensional one. The projection mapping and interactive light art installations will be showcased at various historical buildings in the city of Yogyakarta.
MANTRALUMINA is the curatorial theme of SUMONAR 2020, a projection mapping and interactive light art festival in 2020, which is the only light art festival happening in Indonesia, and it will always carry a curatorial theme that responds to the current development of media and technology while still taking history into account and continually excavates new possibilities.