After accomplishing such a captivating collaboration between JVMF 2018 and FKY 30, Jogjakarta Video Mapping Project (JVMP) is inviting you back to rejoice in the festivity of lights in SUMONAR: My Place, My Time. The rebranding is intended to defining the identity of this festival, not as an attempt to separating. So, why SUMONARSUMONAR is answering every citizens
discomfort about their living space in the city through interactive video shows and art installations. Buildings, concretes, walls, fences, bridges, landmarks and other types of buildings that commonly seen as a hindrance (or even totally ignored) to become visible (or disappear) and creating new functions (or other functions) in this festival.
It is about a city who story-tells about herself. About how each culture and human beings were born from he womb are moving then evolving and transforming. Their shape, time, face, smell, action, sound, and all the things that raised them. This is the city today. Within their lives, the city attached to the previous deal. As a result, the deal is shaping the city. As usual, prior to the deal, the majesty has declare, "my place, my time"